247. N Sync • Bye Bye Bye

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Don’t wanna be your fool
In this game for two
So I’m leavin’ you behind

N Sync
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Artist N Sync
Year 2000
Album No Strings Attached
Music & Lyrics Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze, Andreas Carlsson
US 4 | 2000: 11
US AC 25
US Adult Pop 19
US Latin 20
US Pop 1
US Radio 1 | 2000: 6
US Rhythmic 1
US Tropical 13
UK 3
Australia 1 | 2000: 5
Austria 12
Belgium (Flanders) 7
Brazil 2000: 22
Canada 1
Finland 7
France 46
Germany 6
Italy 7 | 2000: 49
Japan-Osaka 13 | 2000: 60
Japan-Tokyo 30
Netherlands 4
New Zealand 1
Norway 13
Spain 1
Sweden 3
Switzerland 7
Grammy Nomination Record of the Year | Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal
MTV Video Award Nomination Video of the Year | Best Group Video | Best Dance Video
MTV Video Award WinnerBest Pop Video | Best Choreography | Viewers Choice
RateYourMusic.com 2.05/5
My Rating 8.69/10

A song from the old Napster. That’s my excuse. Yeah, that’s right. I stole it. This is how you sampled new music back in 2000. Then, if you liked it, you…probably still didn’t buy it. Times have changed. You should buy music when you like it.

Anyway, I thought it would make a nice change-of-pace for mix CDs. It does. It’s catchy. And it’s about the oft-dumped-on guy turning the tables, or something like that, after he and his buddies are messed with like marionettes.

N Sync finally cracks the countdown after I bypassed one of their big hits in favor of an unreleased Richard Marx version (#343).

I am not going to put in the info box that the song won a Teen Choice Award.

Countdown Note
I just now realized that allmusic.com has better Billboard chart information and is far easier to navigate than billboard.com. Now I’ve got 131 other songs to look up. Just one of 100 tasks I’ve got queued up to do with this site. Now I’ve got Billboard’s US Tropical charts to look up, among others…

247. N Sync • Bye Bye Bye, 4.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  1. toastie says:

    I can’t spell this *NSYNC anymore. It looks stupid. N Sync isn’t correct but they don’t deserve to be first alphabetically because of their creative but juvenile punctuation.

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