290. Bryan Adams • When You Love Someone

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Have I really not had a Bryan Adams song yet? How can this be?

Bryan Adams

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Artist Bryan Adams
Year 1997
Album MTV Unplugged
Music & Lyrics Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen, Gretchen Peters
My Rating 8.56/10

I rated 700 songs* to find 379. 28 of them were Bryan Adams songs. 90 songs in, and one of them finally cracks the countdown. How many more are on the way? I just looked. There are quite a few. More than 10? More than 20? I’m not saying.

The very first CD I ever bought was Waking Up The Neighbours back in 1991. I also owned the Reckless cassette. Over the years, Bryan Adams was the only artist whose every album I purchased, though I haven’t kept up in recent years. Me being me, I’ve generally been partial to the softer, more adult contemporary Bryan Adams, though, as you’ll see, that’s not always the case. I bought his first couple of albums from the early 80s and could never warm up to anything on them, but I can’t dislike anything Bryan Adams has done. And, then, of course, he was on the map by 1983 with Cuts Like A Knife. And I don’t need to review his whole career. You can go to Wikipedia for that.

When You Love Someone may not be quintessential Bryan Adams. It’s a quiet ballad. And it was never released as a single. I’m just realizing this now. I’ve had it on so many mixtapes and CDs that it never occurred to me that most people have probably never heard it. And it’s not from a studio album. It was first available on the MTV Unplugged.

I’m not sure what genre tags to give this. Since it wasn’t released as a single, I can’t give it the “adult contemporary” tag, because that’s that’s a radio format more than a style of music. Bryan Adams may be a rock or soft-rock artist, but I try not to tag songs based on an artist’s overall classification. I try to give a song a genre. This is song is only available as a live recording, I can only come up with “acoustic”, “singer/songwriter”, and “ballad”. But I haven’t used ballad before, and then I need to go back and figure out which songs are ballads. And I he didn’t write this song, and I didn’t use “ballad”, I’d be left with “acoustic”, which is not a genre. And I’m not using “love song” as a tag, though maybe I should. I’ll figure this out eventually.

And now, as I’m writing this up, I’m panicking, because, stunningly, I cannot find a single YouTube video for it. Has Bryan Adams thwarted everyone’s attempts to post it in some form? No one even has a grainy live recording? I can’t put a cover up here. I’ve managed to find videos of the 89 previous songs without having to resort to making my own.

…so I spent all of 5 minutes to whip that video up. Did a ‘select all’ of some cat photos, most of which were taken at the same time, so there’s little variety. Stuck in some music. Uploaded to YouTube, and just waiting for YouTube to tell me that Bryan Adams doesn’t want it up there anymore.

I only rated 700 songs to come up with 379? I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot. And, as I’ve mentioned, I keep coming up with songs I forgot about. And I’m discovering new songs. So, even though I can’t see how I’ll go about doing this, I don’t imagine that this endeavor will cease in January 2013. This may very well be an ongoing project. Besides, I’m three months in, and I haven’t even written the extensive FAQ that I’ve meant to.

290. Bryan Adams • When You Love Someone, 5.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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