296. Lionel Richie • Hello

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If I had remembered the video with the blind girl and the Lionel Richie bust sculpture, this would’ve been #1.

Lionel Richie

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Artist Lionel Richie
Year 1984
Album Can’t Slow Down
Music & Lyrics Lionel Richie
US 1
US R&B 1
US Radio 1 | 1984: 4
UK 1
Australia 1 | 1984: 8
Austria 3
Belgium 1
Brazil 1984: 29
Canada 1
France 25
Germany 2
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 1
Norway 5
Poland 3
Sweden 6
Switzerland 1 | 1984: 5
RateYourMusic.com 2.74/5 | 1984: 722
My Rating 8.54/10

Well, not #1, but I think this is worthy of being ranked a bit higher. I’ll probably keep saying such things, though my somewhat faulty process did conclude that I like 295 songs more than this one. It doesn’t help that I never owned a Lionel Richie CD until just a few years ago, so he was not a presence on those 140 mix tapes.

I do vividly recall the video. I remember seeing it quite a lot in the 80s. I can’t imagine it appeared on MTV, so VH1 must have played it a lot. Oh, yeah, Pop Up Video mocked it a lot. That sculpture of Lionel’s head does resemble a Chia Pet.

Songs featuring Lionel Richie

296Lionel RichieHello
329Lionel RichieMy Love

296. Lionel Richie • Hello, 6.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings


  1. Jason says:

    I happened to notice he has a new release out this week. Features several collaborations with country artists. He does Hello with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland.

  2. Jason says:

    I remember the video too, but of course her clay skills have long been surpassed in lore by that scene from Ghost (or The Naked Gun 2 1/2).

  3. toastie says:

    Give her break. She’s blind! (The actress is not actually blind. I remember her appearing on General Hospital a few years later.)

    Lionel RIchie has liked country since he wrote Lady for Kenny Rogers. Maybe I’ll check that album out. He has been a coach on The Voice the last few weeks.

  4. 2015 Dave gives this a 7.

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