317. Kenny Rogers • Lady

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I’m your knight in shining armor, and I love you.

Kenny Rogers

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Artist Kenny Rogers
Year 1980
Album Greatest Hits
Music & Lyrics Lionel Richie
US 1 | 1980: 20 | All-time: 47
US Country 1
US Radio 1 | 1980: 7
UK 12
Australia 16
Belgium 17
Brazil 1980: 7
Canada 2
Canada 6
Canada Country 2
France 11
Ireland 12
Netherlands 16
New Zealand 6
Spain 9
South Africa 3 | 1981: 17
Grammy Awards Best Pop Vocal Performance (nominated)
Grammy Awards Record of the Year (nominated)
RateYourMusic.com 2.82/5 | 1980: 955
My Rating 8.45/10

Now, this is my kind of song. I don’t know how I never came to own this song. It’s a perfect fit for my old mix tapes…or any new playlists, for that matter. Well, maybe not perfect, since it’s just #318. But I think that’s because it’s somewhat new to me. I mean, it’s on every Time-Life Best Love Songs Ever compilation, so I’ve heard it on those commercials. However, I never really listened to it until recently.

It was written by Lionel Richie, which may come as no surprise, because you may have (as I think I have) heard Lionel Richie singing it. Kenny Rogers says he wanted to blend some R & B with his country sound. I think he does this rather successfully.

#47 all-time on Billboard (1958-2008).

317. Kenny Rogers • Lady, 6.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


  1. David H., Raleigh, NC says:

    Best song on the countdown so far… all the songs are getting a lot better.

  2. toastie says:

    Glad to hear! I took at look at the next twenty or so. I can only see 2-3 that you might rank below 5. We’ll see if that prediction holds up.

  3. Jason says:

    Prediction held up for me.

  4. Toastie says:

    Nothing below 5 (overall average) until, likely, 298. I’d give another prediction, but i try not to look ahead. Then I’m surprised everyday like you guys are.

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