326. Bee Gees • Stayin’ Alive

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I’ll never be skinny enough to look good dancing to this. And I’ll never be confident enough to strut down the street like John Travolta. “Godot”, you should enjoy this one.

Bee Gees

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Artist Bee Gees
Year 1977
Album Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack)
Music & Lyrics Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb
US 1 | 1978: 8 | All-time: 46
US AC 28
UK 4
Australia 1 | 1978: 4
Austria 2
Belgium 2
Brazil 1 | 1978: 14
Canada 1
Chile 1
China 2
Columbia 1
Finland 2
France 1
Germany 2
Ireland 4
Italy 1 | 1978: 1
Japan 19
Mexico 1
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 1
Norway 4
Spain 1
South Africa 1 | 1978: 4
Sweden 3
Switzerland 2 | 1978: 5
Grammy Awards Best Arrangement for Voices (won), Song of the Year (nominated), Record of the Year (nominated)
Rolling Stone 500 Greatest 191
Radio2.nl Top 2000 455
RateYourMusic.com 3.59/5 | 1977: 87 | All-Time: 3923
My Rating 8.40/10

I can’t recall if I had any affinity for this song before college. I should know off the top of my head, but I’d have to dig up my old Top 100 tapes. They’re right across the room. No matter. This is song became a favorite as a playlist staple at semiformals and formals in college. And that’s why this song is awesome. It’s not because of its featured role in Saturday Night Fever, a film I don’t have any affinity for.

This the first time I’ve seen this video. I’m also not skinny or confident enough to pull off Barry Gibbs’ pants.

Clearly, this song charted better around the world than anything that’s been on this countdown before. I’ll have to take Wikipedia’s word for it that it did well in Colombia and Chile and China and other countries I normally don’t see mentioned in song articles. I do have a few sites I use for international charts, but, as I said once before, I really need to go to the library someday and find some more sources.

Blog Note

I finished updating all the posts where artists have multiple songs on the countdown. This is a manual process, since this website is not particularly technologically advanced. But when someone sees an entry where the artist has other songs, maybe it will encourage new visitors to rate other songs, assuming I ever have new visitors.

326. Bee Gees • Stayin' Alive, 5.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    #46 on Billboard’s Top 100 of All-Time

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