346. Richard Marx • One More Time

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I think Richard Marx is awesome, but including this song may have been a misstep.

Richard Marx
Amazon MP3

Artist Richard Marx
Year 2000
Album Days in Avalon
Music & Lyrics Richard Marx
My Rating 8.36/10

To quote The Moody Blues again, I’m a melancholy man. That’s what I am…, and maybe that’s why I rated this little-known Richard Marx song high enough to make the countdown. It’s certainly an extreme downer. I’m not sure if it’s another song about someone who has died or merely the end of relationship. I can’t even find something on the internet for this song. This post may be the only thing on the internet about this song. Well, a few fans mentioned the song in the reviews for Richard Marx’s 2000 Album Days In Avalon on Amazon. But the album seems to be out-of-print. (Wait, that’s not right; a CD is not “out-of-print”. There’s another term for albums, but I can’t recall what it is at the moment). All Amazon has are links to used CDs and a $30 import. Of course, I have the CD.

Richard Marx has a great voice, and this is, by no means, a bad song (regardless of how low my friends rate this.) But there are better Richard Marx songs that didn’t make the countdown, so I’m scratching my head a little with this selection.

But then again… What I’ve found with doing this countdown is that I’ll get the song I’m about to post stuck in my head, and I’ll recall why I liked it enough to rate it. This even happened with Backstreet Boys the other day.

So consider this a Richard Marx warm-up. Richard Marx was one of the first artist’s whose cassettes I bought. He’s got better songs, and they’ll come up later. Guaranteed.

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346. Richard Marx • One More Time, 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Dave Seidman says:

    Yeah, a bit too much melancholy. 5/10.

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