355. Billy Joel • She’s Always A Woman

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Personally, carelessly cutting me and laughing while I’m bleeding is a deal-breaker.

Billy Joel

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Artist Billy Joel
Year 1977
Album The Stranger
Music & Lyrics Billy Joel
US 17
UK 53 (1986) | 29 (2010)
Austria 37 (2011)
Canada 12
Ireland 22 (1986)
Netherlands 15
radio2.nl Top 2000 348
RateYourMusic.com 3.31/5 | 1978: 290
My Rating 8.33/10

Well, Wikipedia implies that these scary traits in a partner were actually desirable traits in a manager, and Billy had written this song for his then-wife/manager Elizabeth. Perhaps the wounding with her eyes and stealing like a thief also applied to their marriage, too, since, five years after releasing the song, he divorced her, and, I imagine she got a considerable settlement.

The Wikipedia article also explains why the song charted in three different decades in various countries.

I’m excited to say that my rating is super-close to the Top 2000 rating on the Dutch website radio2.nl. The Dutch, I’m finding, have terrific taste in music!

355. Billy Joel • She's Always A Woman, 6.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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