369. Sheriff • When I’m With You

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Our first one-hit wonder.

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Artist Sheriff
Year 1983
Album Sheriff
Music & Lyrics Arnold Lanni
US 61 | 1 (1983 | 1989)
US AC 1 (1989)
Canada 8 (1983)
RateYourMusic.com 2.15/5
My Rating 8.28/10

When I’m rating love songs is, one criteria I’ll use is to imagine I’m either in a lasting relationship or simply having a huge crush on someone. Would I get an adrenaline rush blasting the song? At my hypothetical wedding, lots of love songs would be played; guest would go into diabetic comas. Should this be one of them? Would I want it played at my wedding?

As much as it makes me cringe to look at strangers’ wedding photos, the best video I found to post with this song was made by Twin City Wedding DJs out of St. Paul, Minneapolis. It’s not the photographer’s fault. He does an excellent job. It’s all the happy young couples. It’s a little sickening, isn’t it?(I’m a bit of a misanthrope.) They’ve got some “ultimate DJ” wedding playlists on their website, which contain lots of songs that will be on this countdown.

Anyway, I needed to pick a YouTube user-made video because, according to Wikipedia, this song was one of just two in the MTV era to hit number one without an accompanying music video.

Sheriff only had one album, a self-titled release in 1983. They broke up soon after and never had a chance to make a video. The song charted in the US only as high as #61 that year, but it has a resurgence six years later, where it went to #1.

Blog Note
When there’s an official music video, I try to use that. Lacking that, I look for a live version that’s close to the original. (Sometimes artists, especially years after the original recording, will do different arrangements of old songs). Lacking that, I just use one of those YouTube videos of stills that users create.

369. Sheriff • When I'm With You, 6.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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